Thursday, April 14, 2016

New video and new instrumentals

Mr. Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke has been very busy lately with not only promoting his new Unfadeable album which was released back in January, but also recording songs for the upcoming Badd Blood album "Tha Badd Blood Kartel", a new video for the Badd Blood single "Like TNT" and he recently reopened his line of West Coast mob style instrumentals "Loc Da Smoke Beats". Below you can check out the new video and also click on the link to his official beat page.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Unfadeable album is here!

World premier, the wait is over!! Get your copy of Mr. Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke's new album "Unfadeable" right here at Loc Da Smoke Dot Com.

To order, just click on one of the purchase options below: 

Also available at many more digital retailers world wide!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Mr. Loco's Unfadeable album coming soon!!

Mr. Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke's upcoming album "Unfadeable" is finally being wrapped up. We were hoping for a December release, but with time running out and the holidays coming up, we've decided to postpone the release date to January 20th 2016! This album will definitely be one of Mr. Loco's best albums to date, containing 18 tracks, produced mainly by Anno Domini and his team of producers at Anno Domini Nation as well as a couple productions by Azrael Kalashnikov and Mr. Loco as well. Featuring Penn St8, Quez Outlaw, Calaber007, D.L.E.MM.A., TDHP and more! Keep your eyes open y'all!! It's coming!!
Here's a video of Mr. Loco speaking about the album:

Check out the official video for Mr. Loco's single "Makin' Dreams Come True"
Produced by Anno Domini for Anno Domini Nation.

More singles available at: 

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

THE $5 CD SALE IS BACK!! Get your Mr. Loco, Badd Blood and Wize Guyz Global CD's now!

All CD's are now on sale for only $5.00!! Help support the real shit and pick up a few CD's today!!

The CD's on sale are:
  • Mr. Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke - Dogg Habit Mobbin Mixtape (Hosted by 4Five of DPG)* (2015)
  • Mr. Loco & Underground Gangsta - Str8 Out Tha Vault Mix Tape* (2014)
  • Mr. Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke - West Kept Secret* (2012)
  • Mr. Loco - O.G. Status (2010)
  • Mr. Loco - O.G. Status Vol. 2 Gangstafied Muzik* (2010)
  • Badd Blood - Still Hungry (Hosted by 4Five of DPG)* (2015)
  • Badd Blood - Tha Badd Blood Chroniclez Mix Tape* (2014)
  • Badd Blood - 7'z Up (2012)
  • Badd Blood - Thicka Den U Thought (2010)
  • W.G.G. Presents: 4 Tha Thugz & Gutta Folk Vol. 3* (2011)
(CD's marked with * are sold exclusively at this website, but the digital MP3 version can be found elsewhere) 
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Music Video Premier! "Makin' Dreams Come True" by Mr. Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke

#PressPlay  "Makin' Dreams Come True" Official video by Mr. Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke! Check it out and help me make it go viral! #1Hood #WizeGuyzGlobal #MrLocoAKALocDaSmoke #Unfadeable album coming soon!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

New snippet & singles out now, new album on the way! #1Hood


Check out the new singles for the upcoming Unfadeable album! All songs are free to stream and you can help supporting the project by purchasing a 99 cent download of each track, except for "Remember The Fallen (RIP Navid)" which is available for both FREE STREAM AND FREE DOWNLOAD.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Exit DHR, Enter 1Hood Entertainment

On 6/11/2015 Mr. Loco and Penn St8, whom together form the Bay Area duo known as Badd Blood, left Dogg Habit Records after being dropped by the label. Badd Blood signed with the label in 2014, recorded a studio album within their first couple weeks of being signed and it ended up getting shelved. While waiting on the album release, Mr. Loco and Penn St8 decided to flood the market with mixtapes instead so the fans would get something to listen to and released the following projects:
*Badd Blood - Tha Badd Blood Chroniclez
*Badd Blood - Still Hungry (hosted by 4Five of DPNG)
*Mr. Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke and Underground Gangsta - Str8 Out Tha Vault
*Mr. Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke - Dogg Habit Mobbin Mixtape (hosted by 4Five of DPNG)
After being dropped from DHR, Mr. Loco gave his good friend and platinum artist Havikk The Rhime Son of South Central Cartel a call about possibly teaming up with Havikk's label, 1Hood Entertainment which they had talked about earlier while in the studio, working on the song West Coast Unityl. At the time Mr. Loco was still under contract, but now that the deal with DHR was up, the response from Havikk was as positive as it could be. Mr. Loco is already working on his new album, Unfadeable which will be released under Havikk's 1Hood Entertainment and Mr. Loco's Wize Guyz Global label! Stay tuned, there's much more to come! The grind never stops! #1HoodEnt/ #WizeGuyzGlobal #OfficalBusiness